Annual Report 2018/19
Date of Event Bowral Cricket Club: Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:57AM

Bowral Cricket Club

Annual Report 2018/19


It is with much pleasure that I present the Annual Report for Bowral Cricket Club for the season 2018/19.

Our Club achieved much on and off the field this season, and we have much to be proud of.

I would like to start off by thanking all the people who make our Club – players, coaches, managers, captains and members of the board. Our players do us proud each week. They are ably supported by a group of people who make sure that representing Bowral Cricket Club is fun, enjoyable and that player’s give of their best. To those volunteers who tirelessly give up their time throughout the season we are indebted to you. In the background there are a group of volunteers who represent the club on the Board whose endeavours sometimes go unrecognised.

The Board for the 2018/19 season comprised of Graham Brake, Andrew Macleod, Matt Bow, Damien Grace, Jodi Cooper and Angus Humphreys. We are fortunate that we have the right mix of players and administrators representing the interests of the club at all levels.

By virtue of Director rotation and retirement, I am pleased to announce that Peter de Hosson, Connor Murray and Alison Hall have agreed to come onto the board. I thank the outgoing directors for their valuable contribution to the club: Andrew Macleod (a terrific 8 years’ service) Graham Brake, Matt Bow and Damian Grace. Without their time and effort our club would not be where it is today. To those retiring directors thank-you for your all you have done for Bowral Cricket Club.

At the time of writing we are still seeking nominations for the board, with particular focus on the Treasurers role and the role of Club Activities.

Angus Humphreys.


Treasurer’s Report – Matt Bow

The detailed report will be available at the AGM, but in summary below are the highlights of the 2018/19 season:


Player fees 21,350

Clothing/merchandise 10,220

Sponsorship 8,700

Miscellaneous 2,369

Total 42,639



HDCA fees 12,520

Clothing/merchandise 10,608

Equipment & balls 5,551

Presentation & trophies 4,405

Coaching 2,601

Marketing 2,031

Other     3,398

Total 41,114


For the year we ran at a small surplus of $1525.



To Matt Bow, our outgoing treasurer, thank you for what you have done and appreciate your time invested in BCC.


We have been fortunate to have received grants to the value of just over $133,000 for the net project at Bradman, and together with the annual lunch that we have held over the last 3 years, we have enough funds to cover the cost of this project.


We are hopeful that the net project will commence in the very near future – it has been challenging dealing with many stakeholders and that fact that the work is being carried out in a Heritage Precinct. To Chris Muldoon and Simon Taufel we are deeply grateful for your time and effort to get us to a “shovel-ready” stage and there really is light at the end of the tunnel!!





Secretary’s Report – Andrew Macleod


· The Board of Directors has met three times since the commencement of season 2018/2019.

· Minutes from each meeting have been circulated.

· Most action items from the meetings have been closed out although several are still outstanding:

  • Review of BCC constitution
  • Election of new Board members.

Statutory requirements

· To the best of my knowledge, BCC is meeting its statutory requirements regarding reporting and public notification as a non-profit sporting club.

· The names and contact details of the Board officials will need to be updated on the BCC MyCricket page following the AGM.

· The Working With Children Check (WWCC) register is in the meeting minutes and is, to my knowledge, up to date.



Andrew Macleod has served the club for 8 years with distinction and deserves our special thanks for all he has done. Andrew is a committed Bowral Cricket Club person and we look forward to seeing Andrew continue with his involvement in junior cricket, and as a player in the Saturday afternoon competition.




Playing Report – Graham Brake and Jodi Cooper

Season 2018/19 saw the club have over 190 participants in all levels of playing and participating.

The junior format saw us with the following:

  • Junior Blasters – Saturday mornings for 1 hour introducing the basic skills of cricket
  • Master Blasters – Thursday afternoons for 90 minutes with an emphasis on cricket and movement skills
  • Stage 1 – Saturday morning non-competitive matches
  • Stage 2 – Saturday morning competitive matches
  • Stage 3 – Saturday morning competitive matches

The age group for the junior range from 5 years through to 15 years

We had over 60 participants in the 2 Blaster programs.

In Stage One we had 3 teams, Stage Two 4 teams and in Stage Three 1 team.

In Stage 2, the competition is split into Division A and B at the midway point of the season, and congratulations to the “Thunder” who won Division A and to the “Scorchers” who won Division B. Terrific effort and congratulations to all players, and a big thanks to the coaches and managers.

Stage 3 were Grand Finalists and had a fantastic season playing good cricket and having good fun! Well done.

It was great to see some of our stage 3 player’s transition to senior cricket throughout the season, and it is hoped that this will continue for this season.

In senior cricket we fielded 1 team in each grade. Our 3rd grade team were semi-finalists, whilst our 2nd and 1st grade teams enjoyed mixed results throughout the season.

Our biggest challenge in Senior cricket is player availability on a consistent basis. We had some issues throughout the season whereby we struggled some weeks to get the numbers we needed to field competitive teams and this reflected in the results of those matches. It is hoped that for season 2019/20 that this will not be an issue for the senior playing group.

We are proud of our tradition of nurturing talented cricketers, and for season 2018/19 the following players (21) participated in Representative cricket:

  • Sophie Taufel
  • Ava Maiden
  • Oscar Murton
  • Chris Nedavaska
  • Toby Smith
  • Hugh Hansen
  • Finn Kaufline
  • Henry McMahon
  • James Putland
  • Harry Mooney
  • Will Torr
  • Tommy Olofsen
  • Joe Brake
  • Sam McMahon
  • Noah Vetteretto
  • Will Thompson
  • Jason Campese
  • Mali Cassar
  • Harry Kowalski
  • William Gilbert
  • Meave Kaufline

Congratulations to these players for their achievements.

Special Thanks

To our sponsors – Raine and Horne, Bowral Bowling Club and Choices Flooring we are very grateful for your support of our Club.

To the Bradman Foundation – Rina and Jock we really do appreciate the relationship that we have with the Foundation and your continued support of Bowral Cricket Club is one that is deeply valued.

Chris Muldoon has been a major driving force with the net project and the time and effort that has been put into this cannot be under-estimated. A huge vote of thanks on behalf of the club and the cricketing community in general.

Simon Taufel is our Patron and has provided much assistance to the club over the years. Simon’s insights into cricket, and interest in our Club is something that I am truly grateful for. Thank you Simon!

Once again I thank the wonderful team of volunteers who make our club what it is – special people make a special club.

Angus Humphreys

August 2019.



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Author: Angus Humphreys